#Your calling seeks you : Here are 7 ways how

Abhishek Thakore
3 min readApr 5, 2021


Source: pexels.com

While you are busy seeking your calling, she is already courting you. She is speaking to you — through signs, omens, winks and whispers.

1 : Your calling speaks through your body

Think of times when you had goosebumps. Or tears in your eyes. Or a fluttering excitement in your heart.

Your body is speaking to you all the time — and when you think about doing something with your life, visualize it in detail. Then check how your body feels.

In fact, what you really want to do doesn’t need a visualization exercise — you may have dreamt about it already.

2: Your calling speaks to you through coincidences

This post wasn’t something you would normally read. Yet here you are. Similarly there may be places, people and images that pop up out of no where and catch your attention.

You may find the same thing being referred to by two unrelated people. The same people keep popping up in conversations.

Pay a lot of attention to these coincidences — they are clues in an eternal treasure hunt.

3: Your calling flirts with you all the time

Pay attention to your attention — what is attracting you? Where is it flowing? What about that specific object or person you are really drawn to?

Look at what is attracting you — and then follow the trail to see what about that is attractive. It may be your calling just waiting in the hiding.

4.Your calling shows up in conversations about the future

Some conversations give you the thrill of newness — they feel like your future coming into the present. You are left with a hunger for more such conversations.

There is a natural energy in these — which you merely need to follow. You don’t need to motivate yourself to have these chats.

Think of chats where you felt the future had arrived into the present to invite you there. What was the content of that conversation? That is an area worth deep diving into.

5.Your calling may have met you a few times in your childhood

Think of when in your childhood you were most engaged and occupied. Ask your family — what do they remember about you as a child?

What about these activities do you feel you liked? What was really behind them? Ones essence finds expression early on for some people — and your childhood has important hints of this.

6.Your calling creates a Universal Conspiracy for you

A conspiracy occurs when there are many small clues all pointing to a similar direction — and there is a conspiracy for your life. It is the conspiracy to lead you to your essence, your calling and your ultimate gift.

If you look closely, you will see many signs lined up all through your life — your parents, circumstances, experiences, mentors and hobbies. All of those start weaving themselves into a beautiful fabric that can be your life.

To really see this beautiful conspiracy around you, you literally need to ‘float out’ of where you are, and you’ll see what needs to be seen!

7.Your calling rarely screams — it is very soft spoken

This means you need a lot of silence inside of you — and the patience to listen. Can you wait and hold space for your heart — so that it feels safe enough to come out and speak the truth about you?

You don’t need any outer voice screaming in — rather you need quietness within to hear the true song of your heart!

Your calling is even more interested in you than you may be in it — because in choosing you, it moves itself forward too. And it will keep inviting you — through its own subtle and mysterious ways.

The song in your heart is playing all the time — are you ready to dance to it?