Why exactly did we arrest Disha Ravi?

Abhishek Thakore
2 min readApr 2, 2021

Why exactly did we arrest Disha Ravi?

I don’t fully understand what was the real issue with a 21 year old climate activist supporting a farmer’s rally. Both are victims of climate change and have a right to protest.

We are burdening our future generations with debt and handing over a heating planet filled with inequalities. The least we can do is give them space to express and protest.

This kind of an action by the state sends out a message to young people (and their parents) to “be careful” before saying or doing anything.

When did we become so insecure and fragile?

I think we are mixing 3 very different ideas into one : the nation, the government and the ruling party.

Our nation is an ancient civilization stretching thousands of years before and after us. No one or even an entire generation has enough strength to uproot or affect it.

Our government serves the people. It has all these people doing thankless work, and making the country run. It is all the organs of the state.

Then there is the ruling party that is conflating these three ideas and making any criticism of it akin to being anti-national. The two are very different.

Most disagreements are with the ruling party, not with the government. And as for the Nation called India it is far greater than anything else that seems to ‘threaten’ it.

A 21 year old is a child of the country. Someone who was a minor just a few years ago. An attack with the state machinery of this kind will only bring more people into fear and others one step closer to further disagreements with the establishment.

P.s : Just realised that Disha will be on the planet after most of us are gone. If anything, she has the right to ask questions as a future child.