We haven’t solved this gender question fully — we are still grappling with equal vs different!

Source: Freepik

Each time gender violence gets us thinking, there is an outpouring of protests, views and campaigns. We are reminded of the skewed equation between genders in the public space.

Our response to this is a very black and white one mostly — men don’t respect women, and thus women should be treated with utmost respect. What that translates into though, we are not sure of. Clearly a man cannot treat a woman the way he treats another man. And yet, the message of ‘treat women as equals’ is to be honored — worth questioning is HOW? Does anyone (including women) know how exactly this will pan out?

Finally, is there any equality that in general mankind has managed to fully achieve?

(WARNING: Sweeping statements made to drive home the point)

Pushing the edge…..with soft motherly nudges…