Emerging need…

Abhishek Thakore
2 min readMay 10, 2021
Art by Toni Demuro; Source: Pinterest.com

a. Community Kitchens

Members of our larger family are not going to be able to feed themselves.

Cooking together for them in a kind of a revival of the Zunka Bhakar scheme, with a Nutritious 21 day at least 2 meals a day at under 10 rupees a meal.

Large wallets can open up in the city and fund this, and it can in turn generate employment for others.

b. A completely free e-layer

For tech companies to actively start taking paywalls off their content, as an act of generosity and sharing.

Internet providers also, who can keep the often downloaded content more accessible, and maybe not charged onto the limited data packs?

c. 21-dayers

Yoga, self care, gratitude journals, stand-up…customised content for 21 days including courses to learn, spaces to convene online and all the creators coming out in a collective display of our creative power

Whatever be the case, our cheer and joy has to sustain this time…

d. Legal — dispute resolution services + Counselling

It is a ripe time for things going wrong on human rights, surveillance and law breaking, we will need to keep registering these so that the ‘system’ as a whole doesn’t break down.

Counselling is available and can be democratised with more people who can practice hearing…

e. More reflection spaces on the breaking down of systems, the alternatives to be more resilient

So many hearts at the moment must be anxious about future finances, paying bills and becoming useful in the post corona world.

Will need each of us to reflect on notions of our self worth, contribution and trust.

Question for the moment : How do the right voices amplify and reach the right ears?