Content and Process

Abhishek Thakore
4 min readMay 10, 2021
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The content of today’s times is CAA, NRC, NPR, JNU, RSS, BJP and other three alphabet acronyms.

The process is the spontaneous outpouring across the country, what is affectionately called “Beautiful Trouble”

The content is transient. We will keep having waves and waves of new issues to deal with. If we make this about the content alone, we risk losing a sense of the deeper process that unfolds.

How are we going to make sense of what is happening?

How will we dialogue across our divides?

How will we creatively self-organize?

How will we get better at anticipating changes rather than be surprised by them?

How will we sustain energy in the long term?

These questions are process questions, not content based.

While the content is seductive and can totally pull and polarise, the imperative of the moment is to attend to the process.

We’re putting together a bunch of ideas and responses that anyone can try out in groups of 2–3, at home or in their organizations as a constructive, creative response to these times.

These are from a centrist position, with the intent to foster dialogue and understanding of each other. They are about learning the process, using the content as an excuse.

This is a great time and opportunity, an amazing ‘excuse’ to make new friends, to reach out and practice deep listening, to test the limits of our tolerance and compassion…

We won’t get a collective workshop experience like this very often…let’s hop in and participate.

And remember, like in most workshops, the game or activity only points to a deeper insight hidden within you.

So also, these times are a pathway to opening my own baises, fears and position. They tell me how do I respond — and really what is going on within.

Thats the internal process.

Let’s be present to the Tao… is a delicious opportunity to get centred and do that ❤


A second-wave response

a. The context:

The first wave of protests against CAA-NRC have built up a lot of energy. They have initiated several young people to activism.

Protesting is exhausting. It creates anger. It drains energy. It can leave a person burnt-out.

Can there be a second wave of actions that ground this energy? Can we hold space for listening, healing and dialogue?

Can we harvest this energy into the soil rather than letting it run out and fizzle?

b. The invitation:

This invitation is for trainers, healers, counsellors, facilitators, artists, mavericks and all those who have the capacity to hold space.

It is for those who identify with the centre (rather than right-left). Those who care for the heart as much as for the facts.

The invitation is to create space for reflection and healing. Through small intimate circles and spaces all over the country, we can create a second wave response.

c. The roles

Here are some roles that I foresee

1. City hosts : co-ordinate and provide access to that city

2. Space holders : trained facilitators who can comfortably run different types of formats

3. Creators : who have initiated different formats (circles, peace-walks, addas etc)

4. Local organizers : who do the logistics and publicity for holding these

There are already several formats we have like dinner circles, Peace Circles, Addas, Conversation cards, games etc. Each of these have creators who can help facilitate running these in your city.

d. The narrative

- Let’s balance the ‘what-we-don’t want’ energy to ‘India-of-my-dreams’ exploration

- #sabhumarehain all inclusive heart spaces where we’re not fighting with facts but finding common ground

- Beyond pro and anti, we’re holding space to deepen connections and faith

- Eventually, with the hope or intent that people with this orientation begin to join the marathon of building the Movement

e. Next steps

1. CREW : those of you who wanna help make this happen please message, and we’ll take it forward

2. TOOLKIT : I’m trying and putting together a small toolkit over the next few weeks.

3. BRINGING PEOPLE IN : Tag people who you feel have the gifts to play certain roles in certain cities

4. SPREAD THE WORD : Please share this post around

In conclusion, this is such a beautiful time to reach out to old friends, make new ones, do something meaningful together and bring our gifts into the service of what wants to be born.

It is too delicious an opportunity to lose — and every one of us has a role to play. What is yours?