Abhishek Thakore
3 min readMay 9, 2021


You made a list:


Rest of the world

You took the next boat East;


What were you looking for?

You’re in the land of plenty….

Anything you please….

We’ve been blessed:

Trees, rivers, fruit;

Spices of all types…

So we stare into starry skies

And make up our tales

Should we tell you a few?

“Ah no no. Thank you.

We’re exploring.

Trading, actually.

We want to exchange a lot

Maybe we could start with spice?”

And our hearts melted

Or molten they always were

Some of us were “corrupt”

Which for us was just

Helping the weaker side

So over two hundred years

The “Athithi”

(the one who doesn’t arrive on a preset date)

Started from Guest

To trading partner

To Administrator

To ruler

To King and Queen

200 years….

What a date….

Finally broken

By a tryst with destiny

In a world at war

with itself.

Seventy years have passed

And this cute little baby

With an ancient soul

Walks around, a little bewildered


Not scared

But scarred

Modern India rises

And when it does, ah! what a sight

What a sight to behold

For all nations celebrate their greatness

And we do ours

Every nation wants to be the “best”

We know of a world where that can happen

And we are on our way

As Sashi leads the pack of deer

Dancing and teasing the Brits

You COLONisers

Of course, you run to defend

A Colon? It was just a dot.

A full stop.

We tell you you COLONISED us

You say you gifted us a train.

We say you took the wealth away.

You remind us of “Daridra Narayan”

We hate you for tea and cricket

But love our tea and enjoy our cricket.

What has happened here?

Maybe the COLON was a Semi-Colon

Maybe we were Semi-Colonised?

Cos some of us wept,

When you left

Others felt

Fairly bereft.

I think some answers are coming up now.

It was some sort of a twisted love affair.

You were smitten by ancientness

Of a culture whose fragrance spread wide….

You came as explorers not to loot maybe

Cos not all humans we despise.

There were some who broke rules

On either sides

And created a monster

That ate it all here

And excreted it all there

It’s not Bull Shit

Its serious wealth and Money

(Look at London

Look at Kolkata)

I always choose Kolkata.

But I love London too.

I think its time,

To start something new

Its time to relook at this

Starting with a pound year

And the diamond that is due.

And sure, we acknowledge

Cos we have the knowledge

That this word we speak

Is of a tongue you made.

We honour our Common Wealth

And trust British Council

We love your accent

And your delicate teas

You can try it with some Khari

Or some Parle-Gs

Its time to meet once more

As lovers and friends,

To take the :, ;, . and the ,

And “dismantle” the “ “

Open up our {arms}

Into a fresh new {embrace}

A new grammar

Starting all over again


But A B C क ख़ा ग

क्या तुम तय्यार हो?

हम तो खड़े खड़े intezaar kar race hain,

Come soon….

Come, lets re-colonize

Lets de-colonize

Lets UN-colonize

Melting into a new grammar and prose

Smelling the thorns with the rose,

As an act of divine grace,

Into an ever lasting embrace….