Chronic success-itis

Abhishek Thakore
2 min readMay 9, 2021


Peanuts Comics; Source: Google Search

This world’s filled up with people who can’t think beyond one version of success.

They have chronic success-itis.

Onset of successistis is early childhood and typically it is passed on from parents and reinforced by popular culture.

This disease tunes out most of one’s heart’s desires and redirects life towards a pre-programmed idea of success (contained in the virus).

I don’t object to this condition — except that it is infectious.

So most of the infected people propagate this one version of success.

They broadcast it in ads and plans for nations. They drill it into their children.

Anyone who doesn’t live a life chasing ‘that’ success becomes a failure — someone to be avoided, corrected and reformed.

I love people infected with successitis — thank God for them, they keep our world running and going.

But I want to caution the crazy members of our nameless tribe, my dear young friends taking the first steps into finding their calling.

The streets are lined up with Successitis infected people. They’re out there doing their favourite drug — Approval.

They’ll offer it to you in small doses, and before you know it you’ll be addicted.

And Approval is a gateway drug — sharing needles gets you infected by the value systems of those who supply you with it.

If you plan to be a crazy one, hang out with the crazy ones till you become hopelessly obstinate and immune.

And have patience with those affected by successitis!