Bipolar first aid

Abhishek Thakore
2 min readApr 30, 2019
What’s up goes down…what’s down goes up…thats Bipolar!

Dear Friend,

You’re here either because you have a diagnosis of bipolar, or a loved one has.

Either ways, it is a journey that has already started. And I welcome you to this difficult and profoundly meaningful journey.

On this page I am aggregating all that I have written, spoken and thought about Bipolar.

(I also request you to go through these before we speak, because these will answer a lot of questions you may have)


Perhaps, first, you want to know what the experience of bipolar looks like for me (or anyone else)?

Here’s an article I published in Life Positive magazine on Bipolar and I

Then there is my story documented in this documentary called Bipolar Express — it also has a very important caregiver’s perspective.


If you want an overall perspective on Bipolar, here’s a talk I gave at TISS (initial few minutes are bad in sound quality but then they get better)

Additionally, I highly recommend listening to Bipolar Diaries which has a series of 8 short talks on being labelled bipolar, work and relationships, what mania feels like and some philosophical perspectives

These will hopefully help you place bipolar in perspective


Bipolar, depression and other mental conditions need support. Seriously.

We were anchoring a peer led support group called Kehkasha (this is a Facebook page). It also has a whatsapp group to be added to which you can reach out to me.

That apart, I’m around and best reached by email (abhishek.thakore at gmail) or voicenotes.

I’m not a counsellor by training nor do I intend to provide SOS support….hence, please reach out only if you’re looking for something not covered by this content and not supported by your counsellor-psychiatrist.


Don’t kill yourself or self harm. It is a bad idea. Don’t feed that idea. I’ve often seen how these thoughts loop into each other and become an issue

Also, while this is difficult, try and negotiate with your diagnosis…here’s something that opened up for me recently…

I am considering reclassifying my condition from ‘bipolar’ to ‘tripolar’…the two poles being the extremes of mania and depression, but a third “pole” from where I can hold and honour either of them fully, without getting unsettled by them…

Getting a job and keeping it is going to be tough. Having friends is tough. And life becomes a mess.

Whatever you can do to set it in order, do.

It doesn’t help but for whatever it’s worth….this too will pass….and come back…and pass again….

I wish you all the best and lots of love