Another World

Abhishek Thakore
2 min readMay 10, 2021


In a world obsessed with measurements and metrics, gatherings like this may seem suspect. It may seem like a group of young people are just coming and hanging out, talking a bit about their work and going home.

This is far from the truth. Here are some points on why these gatherings matter more than ever before:

1. New Knowledge

Gatherings like these are spaces where new knowledge gets created. Knowledge that cannot be found in books or workshops, experts or universities. This knowledge is generated from an exchange between practitioners. It is nuanced, actionable and located in today’s times. It is raw material that when taken back mixes with the organization’s work.

2. Subtle field

These gatherings not only nurture friendships but actually build the subtle field of relationships in which new things can happen. These aren’t friendships between socializers but between people deeply committed to creating change. A field between them is a fertile soil for ideas to manifest (as we have seen in our experience)

3. Understanding social change

Social change is complex. Each is able to work only on a small part of the problem. When these alternatives share their parts of the puzzle, a larger picture emerges. One starts to see what is true transformation and the possibilities that lie before us all. The Vikalp Sangam process has translated this knowledge into an actionable framework.

Networks have the power to shift things when they act in sync. We have seen this in the recent protests (sangharsh). But what would it look like if we similar networks in the space of creation (rachna). What would be possible?

Another world! :)