The #metoo conversation will be incomplete without seeing what the current model of “growth and development” is doing to us.

If more empowered girls only end up creating more consumers, they will join in the havoc being wrecked on the planet.

Maybe a demand will come from some corner to monetise parenting. If paid for parenting, women will have greater economic power and freedom after all.

And the busy-ness at…

I disagree with Twitter suspending Trump’s account.

I agree that

- His account was a nuisance evoking people to riot.

- Twitter accounts have terms and conditions which were violated.

- As a company, Twitter is free to do what it pleases with its accounts.

- In a civilized society…

In a world obsessed with measurements and metrics, gatherings like this may seem suspect. It may seem like a group of young people are just coming and hanging out, talking a bit about their work and going home.

This is far from the truth. Here are some points on why…

Source: Google Search

One of the promises of the internet was a beautiful, borderless, world. Now with this situation, we are reclaiming that promise, partly :)

I remember early days of Internet and BBSes….it was exciting to reach out to people and the thrill of being on a new medium…text HTML loading (the…

Abhishek Thakore

Pushing the edge…..with soft motherly nudges…

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