Abhishek Thakore

Apr 23, 2021

2 min read

How to become a social activist in 10 easy steps

  1. Arm yourself with a statistic -> like 1 woman is raped in India every 3 minutes (disarms the listener instantly)

2. Learn to tug the heart -> ‘by the time I finish this speech, 34 more malnourished kids will have died’

3. Have a counter-to-popular opinion about what the ‘real’ problem is -> eg. bad policing is not the problem, the real problem is <add some insight here>

4. Choose an area of expertise and know every tiny detail, case, law and news in that area -> remember to quote it very generously — ‘Did you know that the Kapadse committee clearly said XYZ’. While listeners will have no clue about what you are saying, act as if they are as learned as you and wait for them to reveal their ignorance

5. Drop names generously -> Manmohan is a dear friend (this one is not made up) or have an opinion about a celebrity as if its a close friend like ‘Kiran has become more passive as she has grown older’

6. Of course start an NGO -> or refuse to start one (to be counter culture). Be armed with stats about the reach and impact of the NGO

7. Have anecdotes and stories -> both about the problems you face and about success stories. Remember to be extremely passionate and agitated about that

8. Have one solution that is ‘THE SOLUTION’ -> this is connected to point (4). The answer to any and every problem in the world will be this. eg. ‘Bad parenting is the cause of corruption. If parents would be trained to instill values in their kids, would we have bad politicians?’

9. A TEDx talk, regular appearances on forums, facebook updates about achievements / gyaan and a fan following are a must

10. Finally you have to ‘be the change’ while fashionably admitting that you are also not fully ‘being the change’ in face of the system